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26 March 2024
Prime Biosciences participated as Silver Sponsor at the 13th Congress of Pediatric Subspecialties

Prime Biosciences participated as Silver Sponsor at the 13th Congress of Pediatric Subspecialties


The presence of Prime Biosciences in scientific conferences for 2024 continued successfully as we had the pleasure to participate as a Silver Sponsor in the 13th Congress of Pediatric Subspecialties organized by the Hellenic Pediatric Society on February 23-25, 2024 at the Royal Olympic Hotel in Athens.


We were exceptionally pleased to participate for the first time as a Silver Sponsor in a National Conference, which reflects the support of the scientific community and Prime Biosciences' dynamic growth.


As part of the conference, we supported a satellite presentation entitled "Lactase - A useful weapon in the hands of the pediatrician". A large number of doctors attended the excellent lecture which was delivered by Mrs. Paraskevi Karanika, Pediatrician - Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Scientific Associate of the 3rd Pediatric Clinic AUTH & Pediatric Clinic of Metropolitan Hospital and chaired by Mrs. Ioanna Panagiotou-Angelakopoulou, Pediatrician - Gastroenterologist, Director, IASO Children's Hospital.


Dr. Karanika referred extensively to the importance of lactase and the ways of treating lactase deficiency, noting that the administration of exogenous lactase enzymes (produced by yeast or fungi - with Aspergillus oryzae being considered the safest and most studied) is an ideal solution for the treatment of lactase deficiency.


Continuing,Dr. Karanika spoke about infant colic, citing important studies that have been done and which significantly correlate the administration of exogenous lactase enzymes with colics' treatment.


The doctor also pointed out the difficulty of distinguishing between infant colic and early stage allergy to cow's milk protein (CMP) since in the beginning the symptoms are common and as a result doctors are very concerned and start "unnecessary" diets for breastfeeding mothers or administration of special infant formulas (HA) to non-breastfeeding infants. Specifically, he stated that "Given the difficulty of discrimination, the difficulty of maternal dietary compliance and the cost of special infant formulas, the administration of exogenous lactase enzymes can quickly and effectively help differentiate between infant colic and CMP, saving time, effort and money".


In conclusion, Dr. Karanika referred to the forms (chewable tablets, capsules, drops) as well as the dosage and method of administration of available lactase products, stressing that "Not all products are used in the same way, especially lactase products in oral form (drops) as some have to be poured into the milk and left to act before administering them to infants and children, while others can be given directly into the mouth providing greater convenience and comfort to parents".


We would like to warmly thank Mrs. Paraskevi Karanika and Mrs. Ioanna Panagiotou-Angelakopoulou for their excellent speech and chairing the satellite presentation, as well as all the doctors for their time and interest in being informed about all our company's products!