Lyfstone® Calprotectin


 Lyfstone® Calprotectin


The Lyfstone® Calprotectin for synovial fluid is an accurate diagnostic test that identifies the risk of Periprosthetic Joint Infection (PJI) within 15 minutes.

In a prosthetic joint, the first priority is to reliably rule out infection.The Lyfstone® test is a CE-IVD labelled Point of Care test, which measures the amount of calprotectin in synovial fluid. Calprotectin is abundantly present in neutrophils. Presence of neutrophils is a hallmark of PJI, and a massive release of calprotectin occurs upon encounter with pathogens. Elevated levels of calprotectin are proven indicators of both acute and chronic PJI. 


To assess the risk of periprosthetic joint infection, a small amount of synovial fluid is extracted from the patient's joint. The Lyfstone® test requires only 20 μl and generates results in 15 minutes. The easy sample work-up allows implementation at any stage of care, from consulting to pre-op to per-op.


The efficiency of Lyfstone® Calprotectin test is clinically proven. In a prospective clinical study of 123 patients at a leading US Hospital system using the MSIS-13 criteria as comparator, the Lyfstone® Calprotectin test showed excellent sensitivity (98.1%) and specificity (95.7%). The calprotectin test outperformed blood-based PJI diagnostic tests such as CRP and ESR, confirming its diagnostic utility.

[Source: Diagnostic Utility of a Novel Point-of-Care Test of Calprotectin for Periprosthetic Joint Infection after Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Prospective Cohort Study.]




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Fast result in just 15 minutes

Excellent performance with high sensitivity and specificity

Ease of use in 4 simple steps and with minimal (20 μl) synovial fluid

Performed in the doctor's office, pre-operatively or during the surgery